class RoadRunnerData

The RoadRunnerData class is used for simulation output, and provides a wrapper around 2D matrix data..

Public Functions

RoadRunnerData(const int &rSize = 0, const int &cSize = 0)
RoadRunnerData(const std::vector<std::string> &colNames, const DoubleMatrix &data)
RoadRunnerData(const RoadRunner *rr)
void allocate(const size_t &cSize, const size_t &rSize)
void allocateWeights()
bool hasWeights() const
const std::vector<std::string> &getColumnNames() const
std::string getColumnName(const int col) const
std::string getColumnNamesAsString() const
void setColumnNames(const std::vector<std::string> &colNames)
std::ptrdiff_t getColumnIndex(const std::string &colName) const
void setTimeDataPrecision(const int &prec)
void setDataPrecision(const int &prec)
void reSize(int rows, int cols)
void clear()
int rSize() const
int cSize() const
void setData(const DoubleMatrix &theData)
bool loadSimpleFormat(const std::string &fileName)
bool writeTo(const std::string &fileName) const
bool readFrom(const std::string &fileName)
bool check() const
double &operator()(const unsigned &row, const unsigned &col)
double operator()(const unsigned &row, const unsigned &col) const
double getDataElement(int row, int col)
void setDataElement(int row, int col, double value)
RoadRunnerData &operator=(const RoadRunnerData &rhs)
double getWeight(int row, int col) const
void setWeight(int row, int col, double val)
void setName(const std::string &name)
std::string getName() const
std::pair<int, int> dimension() const
bool append(const RoadRunnerData &data)
double getTimeStart() const
double getTimeEnd() const
const DoubleMatrix &getData() const
const DoubleMatrix &getWeights() const

Public Members

bool structuredResult

Public Static Functions

static void writeOnlyData(std::ostream &ss, const RoadRunnerData &data)
static void writeWeights(std::ostream &ss, const RoadRunnerData &data)

Protected Attributes

std::vector<std::string> mColumnNames

Container holding column names.

DoubleMatrix mTheData

Container holding the actual data.

DoubleMatrix mWeights

Container holding the data weights.

int mTimePrecision

Integer setting the precision of ‘time’ double numbers when writing to file.

int mDataPrecision

Integer setting the precision of ‘data’ double numbers when writing to file.

std::string mName

String holding the ‘name’ of the object.




friend RR_DECLSPEC friend std::ostream & operator<< (std::ostream &ss, const RoadRunnerData &data)
friend RR_DECLSPEC friend std::istream & operator>> (std::istream &ss, RoadRunnerData &data)