Troubleshooting the Build

  1. Cannot find CMake

If you have downloaded or installed cmake but cmake doesn’t run in the terminal/powershell it probably means that you have not configured your PATH environment variables correctly. The PATH variable exists on all three major operating systems. Do a google search for “Add to path <operating system>” replacing the contents of “<operating system>” with your operating system and follow the instructions of the first hit you find to add the cmake bin directory to the PATH environment variable.

├── bin                 <--------------- You want to add this directory to the PATH environment variable.
│       ├── cmake-gui.exe
│       ├── cmake.exe
│       ├── cmcldeps.exe
│       ├── cpack.exe
│       └── ctest.exe
├── doc
│       └── cmake
├── man
│       ├── man1
│       └── man7
└── share
    ├── aclocal
    └── cmake-3.17