Tellurium Plugins for RoadRunner


Full documents for all APIs are provided below:
  1. Python API
  2. C API
  3. C++ API
  4. Raw (ctypes) Python Interface. For reference only

Released Plugins

The following plugins are part of the official Tellurium release. The documentation for each plugin is available in PDF and HTML format.

Name Description Docs
AddNoise Add Gaussian noise to Tellurium Data pdf html
TestModel Provides a SBML test model and corresponding test data pdf html
ChiSquare Plugin that calculates the ChiSquare for two Tellurium data sets. pdf html
Levenberg-Marquardt Parameter minimization using a Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm pdf html
Nelder-Mead Parameter minimization using a Nelder-Mead algorithm pdf html
Monte Carlo BootStrap Estimation of parameter confidence intervalls using a Monte Carlo bootstrap algorithm pdf html
Auto2000 Continuation and bifurcations using the AUTO2000 library pdf html


The Plugin source code is licensed for free (Apache License, Version 2.0) as an open source programmatic library.

The Source Code is available for download at Github.

A binary build, together with examples in Python, can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Build from source

The Tellurium plugin library can be built from the source using Visual Studio 2010 and above. The first step of the build process requires a build of libRoadRunner. See libRoadRunner website for information on how to build libRoadRunner and its third party dependencies from sources.

CMake is also required to generate solution files for the plugins and third party libraries. For detailed instructions, go to: Build Tellurium Plugins


This work is funded by the generous support of the NIH/NIGMS grant GM081070



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