Utility Functions

The following methodsprovide basic information about the current roadRunner installation.

Information Group

getInfo() returns useful information about libRoadRunner’s current state:

>>> print rr.getInfo()
Model Loaded: false
ConservationAnalysis: 0
libSBML version: LibSBML Version: 5.12.0
Temporary folder: not used
Compiler location: not used
Support Code Folder: not used
Working Directory: C:\dev\eclipse

getVersionStr() returns specific information Strings based on arguments passed to it. For example to get the libSBML version used, you can:

>>> import roadrunner

>>> print roadrunner.getVersionStr(roadrunner.VERSIONSTR_LIBSBML)
LibSBML Version: 5.9.0

or you can do any combination of the VERSIONSTR_ options:

>>> print roadrunner.getVersionStr(
                             roadrunner.VERSIONSTR_BASIC |
                             roadrunner.VERSIONSTR_COMPILER |
                             roadrunner.VERSIONSTR_DATE |
1.4.3; Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013; Date: Dec 18 2013, 22:59:30; LibSBML Version: 5.12.0

There is also the standard python __version__ which is actually set when the module is loaded from getVersionStr:

>>> print roadrunner.__version__
1.4.3; Compiler: Microsoft Visual Studio 2013; Date: Dec 18 2013, 22:59:30

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