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rrc_cpp_support.h File Reference

roadRunner C API 2012 More...

#include <vector>
#include "rr-libstruct/lsMatrix.h"
#include "rrRoadRunnerData.h"
#include "rrcStringList.h"
#include "rrArrayList.h"
#include "rrc_types.h"
#include "rrc_exporter.h"

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void setError (const string &err)
 Set API error. More...
RoadRunner * castToRoadRunner (RRHandle rrHandle)
 Cast a handle to RoadRunner instance pointer, throws if it fails. More...
bool copyVector (const RRVector *source, vector< double > &dest)
 Copy a C vector to a std::vector. More...
RRVectorcreateVector (const vector< double > &vec)
 Creates a C vector from a std::vector. More...
RRComplexVectorcreateVector (const vector< ls::Complex > &vec)
 Creates a C Complex vector from a std::vector<ls::Complex> More...
vector< double > createVector (const RRVector *vec)
 Creates a std vector from a C vector. More...
RRDoubleMatrixcreateMatrix (const ls::DoubleMatrix *mat)
 Creates a C matrix from a ls::DoubleMatrix, supplied as a pointer. More...
ls::DoubleMatrix * createMatrix (const RRDoubleMatrixPtr mat)
 Creates a ls::DoubleMatrix from a RRMatrix, supplied as a pointer. More...
RRComplexMatrixcreateMatrix (const ls::ComplexMatrix *mat)
 Creates a C complex matrix from a ls::ComplexMatrix, supplied as a pointer. More...
RRStringArrayPtr createList (const rrc::StringList &list)
 Creates a C StringArray from a rr::StringList. More...
RRListcreateArrayList (const ArrayList &list)
 Creates a heterogenoeus RRList from a rr::ArrayList. More...
RRCDataPtr createRRCData (const rr::RoadRunner &)

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roadRunner C API 2012

Totte Karlsson & Herbert M Sauro

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