libRoadRunner C API  1.0.0
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Here is a list of all modules:
 Library initialization and termination methodsInitialize library and terminate library instance
 Read and write modelsRead and write models to files or strings. Support for SBML formats
 Utility functionsVarious miscellaneous routines that return useful information about the library
 Error handling functionsError handling routines
 Logging functionalityRoadRunner logging routines
 Current state of systemCompute derivatives, fluxes, and other values of the system at the current state
 Time-course simulationDeterministic, stochastic, and hybrid simulation algorithms
 Steady state routinesCompute and obtain basic information about the steady state
 Reaction groupGet information about reaction rates
 Rates of change groupGet information about rates of change
 Boundary species groupGet information about boundary species
 Floating species groupGet information about floating species
 Initial conditions groupSet or get initial conditions
 Parameters groupSet and get global and local parameters
 Compartment groupSet and Get information on compartments
 Metabolic control analysisCalculate control coefficients and sensitivities
 Stochastic simulationsStochastic simulation algorithms
 Stoichiometry analysisLinear algebra based methods for analyzing a reaction network
 Network object model (NOM) functionsNetwork object model functions
 Linear algebra functionsLinear algebra utility functions
 List handling routinesSome methods return lists (heterogeneous arrays of data), these routines make it easier to manipulate lists
 Helper routinesHelper routines for accessing the various C API types, eg lists and arrays
 ToString routinesRender various result data types as strings
 StringArray routinesUtility routines to deal with the string array type
 Free memory routinesRoutines that should be used to free various data structures generated during the course of using the library
 Reset methodsMethods for resetting instances to various initial states
 Solver options APIReflective API for interacting with steady state solvers and integrators
 Configuration keys/valuesLoads and sets configuration options