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StringList Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 StringList (char **stringList, const int &count)
 StringList (const string &str, const string &delimiters=", ")
 StringList (const vector< string > &strings)
 StringList (const StringList &cp)
 StringList (rrc::RRStringArrayPtr cp)
void InsertAt (const int &index, const string &item)
void Append (const StringList &list)
string AsString (const string &delimiter=",") const
unsigned int size () const
unsigned int Count () const
StringListoperator= (const StringList &rhs)
StringListoperator= (const vector< string > &rhs)
string & operator[] (const int &index)
const string & operator[] (const int &index) const
StringList operator- (const StringList &rhs)
void removeAt (const int &index)
int find (const string &item)
int indexOf (const string &item)
void clear ()
void empty ()
bool Contains (const string &item) const
bool DontContain (const string &item) const
void add (const string &item)
vector< string >::iterator begin ()
vector< string >::iterator end ()
void PreFix (const string &fix)
void PostFix (const string &fix)
 operator const vector< string > & () const

Protected Attributes

vector< string > mStrings
vector< string >::iterator mLI


RR_DECLSPEC friend ostream & operator<< (ostream &stream, const StringList &list)

Member Function Documentation

operator const vector< string > & ( ) const

so we can start getting rid of this and using standard vector<string>

unsigned int size ( ) const

get the size to be compatible with vector<string>

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