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Public Member Functions | Data Fields
ArrayList Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 ArrayList (const ArrayList &cpyMe)
 ArrayList (const string &lbl, const StringList &stringList)
 ArrayList (const string &lbl, const ArrayList &stringList)
unsigned int Count () const
void Clear ()
void Add (const int &item)
void Add (const double &item)
void Add (const string &item)
void Add (const ArrayList &item)
void Add (const StringList &list)
void Add (const string &lbl, const StringList &list)
void Add (const string &lbl, const ArrayList &list)
const ArrayListItemBaseoperator[] (int pos) const
ArrayListItemBaseoperator[] (int pos)
void operator= (const ArrayList &rhs)
StringList GetStringList (const string &lName)
StringList GetStringList (const int &index)
string GetString (const int &index)
string AsString ()

Data Fields

vector< ArrayListItemBase * > mList

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